Super “G”lamis

President’s Weekend 2/17/2012 – 2/20/2012

I think I’m in love with this place. Not because it’s beautiful, come on it’s just sand…although it is stunning, but because of what it means. Mr. 72 and I get to be…just be. The four or five hour drive to get there is so nice, talking, dreaming, laughing, and simply being a couple. We don’t get this in reality and it’s hard to go weeks at a time without being able to be in public and not be nervous someone will see us together. We aren’t doing anything wrong…but the information would hurt some people’s feelings. Anyway…back to Glamis.

Mr. 72 rented a RzR from a local guy this time since he was thinking about buying one and wanted to try it out first. Well, at first look I think it is better than the TRex so, I’m feeling good about it.

Ok, seriously……need to start writing when things happen. Therefore Bullet Pointing the trip

  • RzR – so much fun! Mr. 72 thinks it needs more power so he’s not going to buy one after all.
  • Tried to go up Olds a few times in the RzR…almost made it halfway on the easy side of the hill LOL
  • RzR broke on our last ride of the weekend….”ah man, that’s a long walk” Thank Gawd Mr. 72 kept trying to turn it on…it started and we went straight back…well as straight was you can go on the dunes.
  • Sand car/rail – SO MUCH FUN! A little scary in the super big dunes behind Olds but way better than the RzR, and way better than the TRex….don’t ever bring that stoopid thing up to me again…a waste in my opinion. Thank you Paul-ie! for taking us for a ride in the sand rail!
  • Turkey Burgers….Yum!
  • Lulls….WOW and I say again WOW
  • Contagion (movie) – “you’re my contagion” – yes, we can make anything super sickeningly cute
  • 70s – so much stoopid fun! Note to self – keep feet inside and slow down if you’re getting crazy. But otherwise, I want one for myself asap! Thanks Mike for letting us drive those around!
  • How did you forget water? – oh well….duder over there has water : )
  • Glamis shops…..the people watching is unreal. Where do these people live in normal every day life? Are they the people that live in the random homes and towns that people driving by say “how do you end up living in the middle of nowhere?”
  • Malt-O-Meal….Mr. 72 doesn’t get the amazeballness of Malt-O-Meal, oh well. He said it’s not bad but not good either. I LOVE IT! Mmmmm, add toast, double MMMmmmMMMmmm
  • Wish Lanterns – such a special moment for me and Mr. 72. Hopefully this turns into a tradition for us.  (Update: half of my wish came true…I wanted to be able to see Mr. 72’s girls again and get to know them)
  • Maria – “Look at me, are you looking at me, look at me” LOL Crazy Maria
  • Butterfinger ice cream bar on the way home…right after the dump station stop, ew ew ew but they were D-lish

I think that is the main point. As always, we enjoyed eachothers company, were super silly stoopid in love and I’m definitely going to miss it…until next year Glamis!


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