Radiohead 03/15/2012

WoW! That was a great show! Let me start from the beginning…

Mr. 72 generously bought me Radiohead tickets for Chanukamas (Christmas/Chanukah). Although he is a WAY bigger fan than myself, I was still very excited to go. I knew it was going to be something that I would talk about with my kids and hopefully, Radiohead ends up like a Beatles, Monkey’s or Bad Religion…where your kids will think it’s way cool that you went to that show….all the while thinking (how old is mom??). I know…why didn’t I list Pink Floyd, easy answer, Radiohead will never be as good as Pink Floyd…can’t really think of anyone who would be…maybe Michael Jackson and maybe even not then. Yes, that’s how much I idolize Pink Floyd. No point arguing with me, it’s my factual opinion and that’s all there is to it.


Anyway, it was at Arena in Glendale, so we went to dinner first on the way at Cibo. My current favorite restaurant. Cibo serves authentic Italian food; pasta, salads, and the pizza….TO DIE FOR! It’s fantastic; carefully chosen ingredients (most imported directly from Italy) and made with, you guessed it, LOVE. I had to share this with Mr. 72. We got the antipasti and the margarita pizza and two glasses of Chianti. Best meal I’ve had in a long while. The ambiance is incredible too. The restaurant is in an old Craftsman style


home, creaky floorboards, small separated rooms, personalized local art, and a patio garden area I could spend hours reading in with a nice glass of Chianti.

Plus it’s rumored that there is a ghost in the women’s bathroom. I haven’t experienced it but I believe it, why not. Perfect start to a great night!

ImageThe concert: We got to the arena and of course, who wears heels to a concert….THIS girl does. I knew it was a bad decision when I bought them but come on…I gotta look stunning for my man. I don’t care if it kills me…I want other men to be jealous of his hot girlfriend, I want him to be proud to be seen with me. So far, so good. – We got our oversized beers and went to our seats, great seats…especially since the people next to me never showed up! We looked around, looking to see if we saw anyone we knew, we did. One kooky girl from work and another guy from work that I couldn’t confirm it was him till later the next week at work. The first band…can’t remember the name was good, I really enjoyed it. Now that I’m dating Mr. 72, I pay attention to the drums and it’s fun to watch, they had a bunch of drummers so it was cool to see it all come together.

Main Performance: Radiohead came out and immediately started to play…there were 3 drum sets, which was new to me up until tonight. I’ve never seen more than just the one, unless it was like a bongo or other type of specialized drum. They also had 8 huge TVs hanging above stage and 1 huge row of TVs above that. It took me a minute to verify that what was on the screen was actually live and not prerecorded from another live show. Thom Yorke was very entertaining to watch, dancing around like a Mexican jumping bean…that man has some never-ending energy! That energy spilled over into the audience and the entire floor was dancing and feeling the show. There were also some people in the stands really feeling the moment, kooky work friend included, THAT was fascinating to watch play out. The show was incredible and I’m so glad Mr. 72 took me to see it.

Personal love: Mr. 72 started drumming on my hips…this made the show much more fun. I was a little nervous that he wasn’t enjoying himself and then he relaxed and did what came natural to him…drumming. I was in heaven.

MusicDuring Post

Ingrid Michaelson – The Way I Am

Florence + The Machine – Cosmic Love


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