3/4/2012: A Big Deal

Mr. 72 and The Rents:

This topic has never come without stress. But in my past relationship this was a disaster. The first time I brought home my ex, it was 3 years into our relationship, emotions were running high and there was no real hope going into it. It was more of let’s get this over with because we aren’t breaking up and the family still hasn’t met you.

Mr. 72 has met Smiles, I think I knew this relationship was going to last when I saw his interaction with him. He was sweet, thoughtful, concerned, and generous. I’ve seen Mr. 72 with his daughters and he is an amazing father, the girls adore him, crave his attention, and laugh at his jokes.

Mr. 72 had just gotten a promotion and taken over a new department at The Educator and was slammed at work. We had planned this meeting of the padres a week prior to knowing that he would be starting his new role the same week. He was busy, stressed, and on top of it all, sick. I offered to put off the dinner, fearing it was just all too much to add to what was already on his plate. But to my surprise, he said no, he wanted to meet them and did not want to cancel.

That Thursday was also the day we had the inspection of my new home…it went well. I still like the house and there were no major problems. So after the inspection I went over to grab Chinese for everyone for dinner…making this as easy and laid back as possible was my plan. The Rents took Smiles home and waited for me to get back. I was hoping he would be too nervous on the way, he had just gotten out of a meeting and was rushing home to change and then come over.

At about 5:30 he got to the house. The Rents were welcoming and he looked handsome! It was hard not to hug and kiss him when he got there but we got passed it and started serving ourselves dinner. He was so relaxed…at least he seemed like he was. He did have a beer in his hand so that helped! He was funny, charming, relatable….perfect man to bring home to the rents. Smiles was a perfect distraction and allowed the dinner to be more casual. Success! Padre and Mr. 72 talked about the housing market and his job, while I tried my hardest to feed Smiles something…anything. When you have an 18 months old…anything that goes in the mouth counts. Dont’ judge me if I finally give in to cookies being dinner. The boy has to eat and after 12 tries of protein, carbs, fruit, or dairy….cookies will suffice. I bet you noticed I left out veggies…ya I did. Oh well.

The night went so well. I gave Mr. 72 a tour of the house, mostly just so I could sneak a kiss somewhere. We followed Smiles to the playroom and Mr. 72 seemed happy with how it was going. We ended up sitting on the couch and talking with The Rents for a couple of hours. We kept glancing at each other and smiling and being super G. Smiles was playing in-between us on the couch for a little while and I think the rents really liked how well Smiles and Mr. 72 interacted. Smiles was laughing and having fun and it was so endearing to watch. Oh ya, I almost forgot…Mr. 72 got to see my clumsiness in action again…I was playing hide-and-seek with Smiles and tried to pick him up and almost fell right on top of him…but instead I balanced above him and somehow MESSED up my big toe! (hurt for about a month after). I have serious balancing issues.

Later, I kept trying to give Mr. 72 an out because I know he had to work early the next morning but he was enjoying himself so he ignored my comments and stayed…even through me putting Smiles down for bed. Ma could definitely tell how in love we were and happy. Padre seemed to enjoy his conversation with him and I was so enamored with how perfect everything was going. Mr. 72 was so perfect…is so perfect, for me at least.

Conclusion: The Rents – Approved!

Me and His Rents:

(this is a bit fresher in my mind…. Note to self: I really need to start making more time for posting on time…)

OMG…nervous! On the way to have lunch with Mr. 72’s parents I thought I was going to throw up. I wanted to turn around and go home (are you noticing a running theme?). Tell them sorry but I can’t do this. But I couldn’t do that…. they had driven down from CA to go to Mr. 72’s daughter’s 3rd birthday and we had time before the party to meet for lunch. Sadly, I could not go to the party because….well, I’ll post about that later. Back to the story.

I typically do not like meeting new people…not that I don’t want to, but because I’m not good at it. People either think I’m too shy or stuck up. It’s the former. Throw in the fact that it’s my dream man’s parents….not a good situation for me. He was trying to calm me down saying they were “super nice and silly and goofy” and that they would “love me”. Then I had the horrifying thought of….huh, they are about to be confirmed as missionaries for the church (Baptist?) and I am Jewish-ish…..I don’t think they are going to like that. Not that they wouldn’t be nice but would they think it was a good idea for their Christian son to be dating someone who does not share the same beliefs….to be honest, I think that is a valid question. (again…talk about that sometime in the future). So there’s that freak out moment on top of everything else. We will see what they think about me…..

We got to lunch at Arriba’s Mexican Grill and when we pulled up, there they were. My heart pounding I got out of the car and greeted them, Mr. Dad (tall, cute, white hair, friendly face) and Mrs. Mom (average height, sweet smile, outgoing). Cute, seem nice, seem like they won’t start yelling at me and openly judging me. That’s a good sign. Luckily, we sat down outside on the patio and the conversation turned to what Mr. 72 was up to, how work was going, results from his doctor visit (healthy boy he is), and how the girls are doing. I tried to break through my shyness and make a comment or two…sometimes I don’t speak loud enough. You would think I would since I came from a large family….but it takes a lot of work to be loud, lol. They asked me about my son…I never really know how to answer this question. Yes I have a son, his name is Smiles, he’s 18 months old and hella cute. Really, do they want to know more? I can go on but it’s hard to tell how much people really want to know. They asked about work…also not a fan of talking about work. Just don’t like it….maybe if it was my dream job but not this one…it’s not that interesting. Plus it’s hard to explain what I do and work kind of sucks right now. Ask me how much I love your son…I could talk forever about that one!

Well all in all, I think lunch went well but I didn’t talk a lot…probably should have said more about myself, since they were trying to get to know me a little. But I don’t like talking about myself, I’m more of the listener in the conversation. After lunch, I left with Mr. 72 to go grab the sandwiches for the birthday party and then went back to his house for a minute. His parents had decided to go shopping really quick after lunch.

I really like that it happened this way because I got to meet them, then go talk to Mr. 72 about how it went (he thought it went great) and then at the house, I ended up seeing them again and I was so much less nervous. I felt comfortable enough to talk and left feeling a lot better about the day. After Mr. 72 left with His Rent he text me and said they really liked me! I was so surprised and happy and relieved.

Conclusion: We did it…we met each others Rents and it went well. I’m so excited to have his parents in my life from now on. I’m excited to get to know them and to have them as family someday.  
Remembering points:

“That other lady wanted to order this” (pointing to menu) – his dad is goofy, he was ordering for Mrs. Mom, lol

“oh ya…I will never go to Yucca Valley” – I said this to Mr. 72 while we stopped at the storage unit because Mrs. Mom told a story about how they found a snake on top of the drier…ya no, not ever going there. Sorry.


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